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at the end of the meadow.....

About Us

I always liked to make things from a very young age as well as drawing & painting. But the urge to start to knit came quite later on, while pregnant with my first child. After a crash course of about one hour I then started to buy all sorts of books and teach myself. I have been knitting now for quite a few years and I can say that a day without a bit of knitting is not complete.


I started to sell my patterns on Ravelry last year and in the last few months I decided to start selling my finish projects at different events.


So 2014 is now time for this......a brand new shiny web site.


I hope you will find interesting items and ideas for yourself or for family & friends.


Visit our shop we have something for everyone.


If you like an item which is already sold out or something that you cannot find anywhere else, please write to me at


I would love to know what you think so contact me by Email, Facebook or Twitter.


Au Bout du Pré - January 2014


Exclusive knitting made in Devon. Original & unique pieces made from wool, rope or even bamboo.